tAS CBCMusic
>>The Quietus / London, England
“not unlike The Smiths covering Roxy Music, or vice versa”

>>PopMatters / Chicago, U.S.
“blistering, jaunty, wistful: a deftly classic pop touch throughout”

>>NOW Magazine / Toronto, Canada
“charming vox, infectious horns… a pleasant place to be”

>>Everything Indie Over 40 / London, England
“a careful approach to songwriting clearly in evidence; the sort of music that cannot be placed chronologically; just simple, great indiepop songs”

>>The Big Takeover / New York, U.S.
“the war of ideas (the “Endless War”?) meets a punky reggae party. What could be better?”

>>Colour Horizon / Manchester, England
“careful pandemonium; racetrack guitars and twilight saxophone; striking post-punk drama”

>>UnScholars / Nashville, U.S.
“a curtain of beautiful noise that culminates in a rocket launch”

>>Echoes And Dust / London, England
“rich and dynamic; sharp and sincere in ambition and execution”

>>New Canadian Music / Toronto, Canada
“Brit-pop meets dreampop; subtle, smart songs; consistently strong”

>>Quick, Before It Melts / Niagara, Canada
“shakes the cobwebs from the drowsy rut most dreampop is in today”

>>The Aussie Word / Melbourne, Australia
“stories that are going to resonate with people”

>>Diamond Deposits / Earth
“solid compositions of flawless pop”

>>Grasslimb Journal / San Diego, U.S. (print only)
“irresistibly catchy tunes supported by smoking male vocals, ebullient horns and beats to keep you bouncing through the summer afternoons”

>>A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed / Washington, U.S.
“music that bears serious attention, piecing together influences from early eras of indie/alt.rock with unique hooks — such a worthy album”

>>Exploding Head Syndrome / Essex, England
“a wonderful ’80s mod-rock vibe complete with scatty drumbeats, wandering basslines and horns that swell to the size of the ocean”

>>Turn Up the Volume! / Brussels, Belgium
“stunning hot sax; a spiced, groovy journey”